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Water Meters



A dependable fresh water supply to your home is critical.  While the meter itself is often the responsibility of your water authority, many homeowners overlook adjoining fittings and valves.  Sleep better knowing that in the event of an emergency you can quickly and reliably turn off your main water supply.  Most older homes rely on decades old gate valves to isolate their home in the event of a leak.  Don’t let outdated fittings and valves cause catastrophic damage to your home when they fail.  Let us inspect your water meter configuration to ensure safe and reliable service.  When repairs are necessary, we’ll make cost efficient recommendations to keep you and your family safe and dry!


Many homeowners don’t realize that a significant portion of their water bill is attributable to sewage and water treatment.  Your water authority’s position is that most fresh water used will eventually find its way down a drain, therefore your bill consists of charges for not only the water usage but also sewage and water treatment.  This is measured by the amount of water coming in through your water meter from the public water supply system and is charged to you accordingly for sewer and water treatment.   

The best way to eliminate charges for sewage and water treatment when you are using water for outside purposes such as, washing your car, filling your pool, hose bibs and/or irrigation purposes is to have a secondary water meter installed.  You will be charged solely for water usage through this meter and not sewage and water treatment.  Many municipalities will allow you to install a secondary meter strictly for use with outdoor irrigation/sprinkler systems, hose bibs and pools.

Our trained professionals can work with you and your municipality to coordinate the necessary process of acquiring the new meter, pulling permits and following all code requirements for proper installation.  Call us today and start saving!