Our Services - Sump Pumps

Our customers contact us at Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing when their sump pump is failing. On the average, a sump pump may last as long as five years. After that, you may incur problems and require a new sump pump.

We come to your home, office or building to ensure your sump pump is operational. We evaluate the sump pump, clean out debris, and make simple adjustments and major replacements. An option to extend the life of a sump pump is to arrange for annual scheduled maintenance.

Additionally, backup pumps are growing in popularity to supplement their primary sump pump. They are water-powered or battery-powered, and they activate when the primary sump pump fails. These especially are needed when you lose power.

Warranty: We offer a 90-day sump pump warranty for installation, and any manufacturer’s offerings, ranging from a Zoeller one-year warranty to a five-year warranty, depending on the product.

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