Our Services - Sewer Cleaning

At Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing, we offer professional sewer cleaning, whenever a sewer or drain line backs up in a residential or commercial property. We professionally clean sewer drains using cables to ensure a thorough cleaning of the drain lines.

Often, our customers incur problems with tree roots that break into the sewer lines or storm drains. Even a down spout that backs up or a sump pump discharge line that drains slowly all can be easily handled by cabling and/or jetting the lines.

We also can clean and/or cable inside drains, such as kitchen, bathroom or shower drains, toilet back-ups, even dehumidifier and air conditioner condensation lines. For commercial clients, should you require emergency service for a catch basin backing up in your parking lot, or scheduled maintenance for floor drains in your restaurant, we are the plumbing company that can handle any and all of your plumbing needs.

Warranty: We offer a 30-day sewer warranty, unless otherwise stated.

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