Residential Plumbing Services

Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing provides homeowners with a wide variety of basic to high-end plumbing services to meet their various needs and preferences. Customers appreciate our expertise and how we solve their situation in a stress-free manner.

We Handle Your Plumbing Challenges
For 20 years, our professional plumbing services have helped homeowners with their plumbing challenges. We would be happy to repair, replace and/or install your: faucet, drain, garbage disposal, toilet, sewer, water heater, sump pump, any leaks, water service, pipes, and so much more. Learn about our services and our strong preventative maintenance program.

Simply Contact Us
Call us, and we will schedule a technician in the timeframe that you seek. Anticipate a two-hour window for our arrival, and always, we call you prior, introducing your technician prior to his arrival.

Your professionally-attired technician will be friendly, courteous and will educate you as to your plumbing situation and what he will do to resolve it. He will protect your floors and carpets by spreading tarps and covering his shoes; he also will clean up completely before he leaves your home.

Our Rates Are Fair and Competitive
As we run a tight ship that keeps down our costs, we pass on competitive rates to our customers. Unlike some of our competitors who use a commission-based model that charges customers exorbitant fees, we are extremely fair and honorable, and our rates are highly competitive.

We’re Here For You, Anytime
Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing provides 24-hour service, including regular plumbing services from 8:30 am - 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Our after-hours services include after 5 pm on weekdays, all day/night on weekends, and holidays. Call us anytime!

We’re Reputable
Our trustworthy staff honorably diagnoses, estimates, repairs and installs. As a small company with careful hiring practices, we know each employee well; thus, our customers are completely safe when our technicians arrive at their home.

Feel free to call Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing for your residential and commercial plumbing.
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