Preventative Maintenance

Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing offers both residential and commercial customers an effective preventative maintenance program designed to periodically evaluate and maintain key areas of plumbing in and around your home, office or building.

Homeowners are relieved of serious floods and damage when they have a preventative maintenance program. They appreciate how we stay atop their plumbing, as we schedule a service call, provide a reminder call or email, and maintain their plumbing in good working order.

We schedule appointments every six months to a year, and we visit your home, restaurant or condominium. This significantly saves you from worry and major plumbing expenses in the future.

Other vital maintenance includes our work with sump pumps. We check discharge lines, clean the sump pump, and check the operation of the primary sump pump and/or the backup sump pump(s).

Our residential customers appreciate how we evaluate and determine the condition of their drains and sewer lines. We cable their floor drains and sewer lines, and remove tree roots to avoid sewer problems.

Our commercial customers appreciate how we cable their floor drains and sewer lines, and ensure that all sump pumps work properly. We come in early to accommodate our customers’ restaurant, condominium or other type of business.

Feel free to call Paul C. Scott & Sons Plumbing to enroll in a preventative maintenance program for your home, restaurant or condominium. We will be happy to maintain your plumbing in good condition
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